US Node Tournament Day 2 – Updated Brackets

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US Node Tournament Day 2 – Updated Brackets

Spider Tanks

Hola, Tankers! It’s good to see you again! Our ESports Tournament Action was live last night as 6 teams were head-to-head for Spider Tanks glory. We present you with the winners, followed by the updated bracket and the new schedule for tonight’s matchups, starting at 5 PM PST!

Tonight’s Matchups

Immediate George, the Lone Tankers and Second Strong Spiders have all secured their spots in the quarterfinal round, to be played out tomorrow and Thursday!

Tonight, the action begins at 5pm PST with Lucky Charms vs. Galagna’s Goons. Then at 6, we’ve got Spartans vs. Orcasaurus Jinn. Finally, the evening battles will come to a close with Synyster Crisp Oaks GGG vs. Tank Me Later.

Last Night’s Winners

Starting off round one, we ran into some technical difficulties and found we couldn’t have more than 50 in a voice channel in Discord. After some troubleshooting we were able to share a Twitch stream so everyone could enjoy the action!

ShootyBooms Revenants and Second String Spiders started off the tournament with a bang! The two well-matched teams ended up battling it out 4 times before a winner was crowned! Second String Spiders may have to change their name! Congrats to Ultra_Bored, Xeta, and Oldmansmithers who will move along to battle it out in the Quarter finals!

Round Two showcased Pandas Gone Wild and The Lone Tankers, with the latter mopping the floor with those Pandas in a one-two-three match knockout! Congrats to The Lone Tankers; UnreadyEddie, GamerZone 365 and Ink Knight who will be ready for their next fight in the Quarter finals!

And finally, Round Three, found some intense and impressive team-play by Immediate George who battled against Aracnokillers. Immediate George favored some very strong tanks for each match and it did not disappoint! It was a quick victory for them! Congrats tehkenn, TheHouseThatRippleBuilt and CrazyBubba! Can’t wait to see that WhaleShark Tank in the Quarter Finals!

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