The Latest Updates with Town Star Nodes

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The Latest Updates with Town Star Nodes

Gala Games


Gala Node Ecosystem believes in becoming the largest decentralized gaming network worldwide. With almost 20,000 Gala Games Founder’s Nodes online, there is still a lot to achieve. With many exciting updates and votes scheduled for the Node Ecosystem, the final preparations are up to the mark for releasing our first Game Node licenses.

Town Star Node Licenses

will soon be sold in limited supply. They will allow gamers in our network to share a portion of the Town Star workload, giving them an opportunity to earn TOWN rewards. They are designed to work in unison with and addition to Founder’s Nodes, and in no way compete with them or detract from them.

Running a Town Star Node License on your computer will mean that you are not only a player of the game, but a part of the game. You will be in a position to receive even more rewards and benefit in exciting new ways from the growth and success of Town Star.

The Future of Game Nodes

Town Star Node Licenses are our first pioneering leap into the world of specific Game Node licenses, and our intention is for each game in our ecosystem to have its own decentralized network. Accomplishment of this goal is accomplishment of one of our most important missions as a company:

We understand and appreciate that this news may come as a surprise to some, and we ask that before you react, you allow us to release more information on the Town Star Node licenses. We are using this announcement as a way to gather your most asked questions, and we will release a FAQ answering many of them later this week!

Look for more information coming soon. Town Star Nodes Licenses will soon be available for purchase with all currencies accepted by Gala Games.

Node preview, subject to change

What’s Next?

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